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Mahogany Dove
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Maschil Edwards
Jeannine Etter
Jo Elias-Jackson
Rita Forte
Assata Harris
Rechelle Holly
Regina Holly
Cynthia Howard Garrison
Kisha Mattox
Shamara Mosley
Janina Roberts
Jovan Roberts
Kaee Ross
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Cheri Spigner
Valarie Scruggs
Ghanya Thomas
Chamaine Woffard

Shani S. Blevins
Elouise Burrell
Wanda Campbell
Cynthia Cary-Griffin
Tracey Christian
Kim Coleman
Charlethia Dean
Ali'a Edwards
Diane Flowers
Letitia Henderson
Adrianna Hutchenson
Chanda Jones
Dollene C. Jones
Sharon Kidd
Ikimia King
Larene Pare
Merlenet Riley
Toni Samuel
Denise Washington
Hope Young
Erin Young-dood-Smith




In 1999, BWOPA began a major re-organization effort in order to address the need to develop new African-American female leadership. BWOPA realized that potential leaders must be identified and provided with the skills and tools of sustainable leadership. The new structure gave rise to the establishment of the Training Institute for Leadership Enrichment (TILE).  

Committed to the recruitment, training and skills building, TILE provides programs to develop and incubate a generation of African-American women leaders, so that these women are represented at local and national decision-making tables.  African-American women need to be included within the top ranks of corporate executive leadership, and at all levels of elected and appointed political leadership.  Without their participation the much-touted “inclusive decision-making” model is a vision at best.

The absence of African-American female leadership needs to be re-dressed, and TILE has set out to do so.  Created by and for African-American women leaders, TILE is committed to training and supporting women as civic, political, community and business leaders.

TILE believes that in order for urban communities, and African-American women in particular, to thrive, potential leaders must be identified and provided with the skills and tools of sustainable leadership.

     "I utilize on a daily basis the training that I received from TILE as an activist in the trenches of east Oakland.   The Leadership University series of workshops gave me a toolkit full of information, skills and resources.  While organizing our grassroots efforts in the heavy crime and drug infested area of east Oakland with my fellow neighbors, I always find myself pulling from my toolkit in the variety of situations we navigate in daily to address the systemic social disorder in our neighborhood.   TILE gave me all that I needed to tackle the challenges that are inherent my such work."
Laura McCoy, MA | TILE Leadership University
Class 2009

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